8 Facts About the Extraordinary Saint Dominic Savio, Role Model for Young People

Saint Dominic Savio was known for his exceptional piety, devotion to God, youthful spirit, and sincere love for those around him.

Despite his short life, he profoundly impacted others, including his family, peers, and spiritual mentor, Saint John Bosco.

Saint Dominic Savio is recognized for inspiring many to follow in his footsteps! His life is a shining example of what it means to live a life of faith, virtue, and compassion.

Here are eight things to know and share about Saint Dominic Savio’s life and legacy:

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1) Saint Dominic Savio was born on April 2, 1842, in Riva, Italy. He grew up in a poor and devout Catholic family.

2) He attended the Oratory School in Turin, Italy, founded by Saint John Bosco.

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3) The four resolutions of a young Saint Dominic Savio: I will go to Confession and Communion as often as my confessor will allow, I will sanctify Sundays and holy days in a special way, Jesus and Mary will be my friends, and Death, but not sin.

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4) He was deeply devoted to the Eucharist and spent many hours praying before the Blessed Sacrament. He encouraged his friends to receive Holy Communion frequently.

5) He is often considered a role model for young people.

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6) Saint Dominic deeply loved the Blessed Virgin Mary and encouraged his friends to pray the Rosary regularly.

7) Saint John Bosco recognized his holiness and spiritual maturity at a young age. He went on to write a biography of Saint Dominic Savio.

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8) He suffered from tuberculosis and died at age 14. He received the last sacraments and died peacefully in the arms of Saint John Bosco.

Prayer to Saint Dominic Savio

O Saint Dominic Savio, a model of purity, piety, penance,
and apostolic zeal for youth;
grant that, through your intercession,
we may service God in our ordinary duties
with fervent devotion,
and attain the grace of holy joy on earth,
that we may one day love God forever in Heaven.


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