Bishop Robert Barron Launches '50,000 Rosaries Challenge' for the Conversion of the World

To celebrate the month of Mary, Bishop Robert Barron’s Word On Fire has launched a campaign that seeks to pray 50,000 rosaries for the conversion of the world during May.

The Catholic Church dedicates the month of May to the Virgin Mary, a time to reflect on her virtues and her love for God.

What better way to honor Our Mother during this Marian time than to pray the Rosary? In her various apparitions, this is the prayer that she encouraged us to pray daily. She has immense power to transform the world!

Word On Fire understands this great power, so they launched a prayer campaign seeking to unite the faithful in the recitation of the Rosary.

“This May, we ask you to join us in praying 50,000 Rosaries with the intention that those who have strayed from their faith return to the Church. We can also ask for the strength and wisdom we need to be effective evangelizers in our families, workplaces and communities,” the Catholic ministry said on social media.

In a video, Bishop Robert Barron the Diocese of Winona-Rochester in Minnesota and founder of Word On Fire, encouraged everyone to join this campaign and thus surpass the goal, as was achieved in the last year’s challenge.

“As you know, during May, the Church focuses very much on the Blessed Virgin Mary. Last May, we had a special offer/challenge at Word on Fire for people to pray 10,000 rosaries, and we thought that was a pretty ambitious goal. In 48 hours, we reached that goal,” he said.

Bishop Barron added that the campaign anout 65,000 rosaries prayed during May, so they set a higher goal this year.

“We are starting with a first goal of 50,000, but our hope is to get to 100,000 rosaries. So let’s do it, let’s pray up a storm this year. The Lord asks us, invites us to pray, to ask, to search, to knock and he will open to us. So during this month of May, let’s make a real effort to pray the Rosary around the world. And may God bless you,” he concluded.

How can I participate in the Rosary Campaign?

To participate in the campaign, pray the Rosary and log it on the Word On Fire website, which shows an interactive map.

“The map, which shows the location of those who prayed, will serve as a visual representation of the scope of this effort and as an encouragement for others to participate. Please also consider making a donation to help us draw more people back to or deeper into the Catholic faith,” Word On Fire added.

The campaign achieved a little more than 15,000 rosaries at the start of the campaign. As of May 14, 2024, the campaign generated almost 32,000 rosaries.

Be part of this project and bring more souls to Christ!

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