Former Methodist Pastor Clarifies 3 Myths Protestants Believe About Catholicism

Ever wonder what Protestants get wrong about Catholicism?

In this episode of “The Catholic Talk Show,” Ryan Scheel, Ryan Dellacrosse, and Father Rich Pagano set the record straight with Keith Nester, a former Protestant pastor turned Catholic. He explains three common misconceptions and the truths that unite us in faith!

1) Mary: Worshiped or Venerated?

One of the most pervasive myths is that Catholics worship the Virgin Mary.

“The biggest ones are that Catholics worship Mary…Does the Church worship Mary? No.”

Nester explains how Catholics honor Mary for her unique role in salvation history, not as a deity, but as the Mother of Jesus. This distinction between veneration and worship is crucial to understanding Catholic devotion, he says.

2) Salvation: Earned or Given?

Protestants often accuse Catholics of believing in a works-based salvation. Nester clarifies Catholics don’t “just do the right things to earn your salvation.”

The Catholic Church teaches that salvation is a gift of God’s grace, not earned by human efforts. He explains how faith and good works go hand-in-hand, reflecting our cooperation with God’s grace.

3) Scripture and Tradition: Rivals or Allies?

Protestants also often underplay the role of Scripture in Catholicism. In reality, Nester points out how Catholics hold Scripture in high esteem, alongside Sacred Tradition, and definitely “believe that the Bible is the inspired inerrant infallible Word of God.” He explains both are essential to understanding God’s revelation fully.

The guys say the shared core beliefs between Catholics and Protestants are more profound than many realize. Addressing these myths and truly “understanding what the Catholic Church is,” as Nester puts it, can lead us to a more ecumenical Christian community!

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Let’s remember that faith is what unites us, not what divides us!

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