Katy Perry's Ex-Husband Actor Russell Brand Contemplates Lent, Says Sacrifices "Bring Us Closer to God"

Is Russell Brand experiencing a conversion to Christianity?

On Jan. 21, actor and comedian Russell Brand announced that his “heart is open” to the possibility of Christianity and explained why he wears a cross.

In another video published on Feb. 21, the 48-year-old actor asks his followers, “Are you doing Lent?” and explains “the point of Lent” and what the season teaches him.

Brand is known for his roles in many Hollywood movies, including “Despicable Me” and “Bedtime Stories,” to name a few.

However, several of his past films consisted of immoral and explicit content. The actor also struggled with drug addiction and promiscuity, and is singer Katy Perry’s ex-husband.

Recently, he was accused of sexual assault. According to Business Insider, “four women had accused the comedian of rape and sexual assault occurring between 2006 and 2013.” Brand denies the allegations.

Russell Brand Contemplates Meaning of Lent

Brand explains he gave up sugar for his Lenten sacrifice. The actor then elaborates, saying these sacrifices are a means of spiritual growth.

Brand also mentions his use of the Hallow prayer app and his professional relationships with Jonathan Roumie and Mark Wahlberg.

“I’ve been contemplating the purpose of Lent–that it’s not just to choose something to give up, it’s actually to bring us closer to God and expose how dependent I have become on the little pleasure of sugar in tea,” Brand says.

“I say to people that I walk this path with – the path of recovery–the spiritual path– You’re going to give up your connection to God for a biscuit?” he continues.

“I suppose in Lent, we should be looking at together the possibility and opportunity that we can give up material connections so that our connection to God will be stronger.”

Brand concludes the video by asking his followers what they do for the Lenten season.

Watch the full video below:

Russell Brand’s Followers Respond to “Are you doing Lent?”

As of this writing, Brand’s video generated over 500,000 views, almost 34,000 reactions, and over 2600 comments.

In the comments, several Instagram users provided feedback to Brand’s question, “Are you doing Lent?”

One user said, “Raised as a Roman Catholic, Lent as a kid meant giving up something special until Easter. Now I practice an improvement in my spiritual self: something that I can practice every day, such as denying the urge to voice some unkind thing about someone and instead try to see that person as a human and deserving and in need of love and compassion. So for me, Lent has become where I choose to follow the God voice as opposed to the carnal voice.”

Another user said, “I’ve been learning to let go of resentment of people who hurt me and to forgive. I had to ask God to help me do this and I say, ‘God, I am giving this to you.'”

One user added, “This is beautiful and highlights just how personal God is- how He was laying the foundation through connections to Mark and Jonathan all those years ago. Pursuing you even then. What extravagant love He has for us. Praying God continues to reveal Himself to you.”

What are you doing for Lent?

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