Let's Walk Down Memory Lane: Things Kids Who Grew Up Catholic Will Remember

This is so fun!

On this episode of “The Catholic Talk Show,” Ryan Scheel, Fahter Rich Pagano, and Ryan DellaCrosse take a nostalgic dive into things only kids who grew up Catholic will remember!

Things You’ll Remember About Mass

Contributing to the collection basket felt like you were truly part of the Mass. It was one of our first steps in participating in parish life.

“When you were a kid and you got to put the money in the basket… man, you felt like you were making it happen,” Scheel and DellaCrosse reminisce.

Things You’ll Remember About Catholic School

Who could forget: competition over who could create the best palm frond cross, Christmas plays where being cast as anyone but Mary or Joseph felt like a snub, and yes, the occasional nun who could command a room with a look.

“Some of the greatest nurturers and teachers in the history of the world have been holy and righteous women,” Father Pagano says.

Things You’ll Remember About Your First Communion

First Communion was marked by excitement and nerves. Learning to receive the Eucharist, practicing with bread and grape juice at home, the special clothes that made us feel out of place yet proud, and of course, the gifts afterward.

“The anticipation of finding out what the wine is gonna taste like” was immense, Scheel says.

Things Catholic Kids Remember About Their Grandmothers

Grandmothers had cookie tins filled not with cookies, but with rosaries, holy cards, and medals. With the way they combine faith with daily life, they are a living example of Catholicism-in-action.

“Thank God for grandmothers…so many of us would not be Catholic if it were not for our grandmothers,” Scheel says.

Why Donut Sunday was the BEST!

After Mass, the community gathered, kids played, and everyone enjoyed sugary delights. This sweet tradition was about feeding the soul as much as the body.

“It was very community-building. We created a whole community experience instead of people running to their cars,” Father Pagano says. 

Growing up Catholic really does make memories that leave lasting imprints on our souls!

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