Does God Want Success for You? How to Balance Faith & Work with Dignity & Virtue

Does God want success for you?

On this episode of “The Catholic Gentleman,” podcast hosts John Heinen and Sam Guzman discuss the dignity of work, balancing career advancement with faith, and job discernment.

“Pride, power, and pleasure are the ideals held by society with work, but by pursuing these ideals, we instead find frustration, anxiety, and unhappiness,” the podcast description states.

In the episode, the gentlemen explain why our daily labor matters more than you might think! 

In fact, work is foundational to our dignity. Work was one of humanity’s purposes from the beginning and integral to God’s plan.

“In the Garden of Eden, God gave Adam and Eve a job to tend and garden, care for creation,” Sam says. 

Work is ultimately meant to help us live a Godly life, not lead us away from it.

We shouldn’t work “with the goal of just making more money, but with the goal of doing what is good and just in the eyes of the Lord for your family and for your loved ones,” John says.

Our work has inherent value. While the type of job matters, how one carries out their duties reflects their moral and spiritual character.

John says the Church teaches that “we actually resemble the visible image of God when we are actively involved in work.” 

To support our spiritual growth with professional success, Sam says we should learn to cultivate the virtue of diligence.

“We all get tired at work, we all find frustrations at work, but diligence is a virtue that helps us persevere when things get difficult.” 

The gentlemen say we just need to “be diligent, be faithful, do your work with joy and care. Your success will take care of itself!” 🙌

Listen to the episode below:

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