Why I Wear a Brown Scapular: Young Catholic Students Unveil its Supernatural Protection in Daily Life

The Brown Scapular is a powerful sacramental and a beautiful testament of faith.

Our Lady presented the Brown Scapular to Saint Simon Stock, a Prior of the Carmelites. She promised that “Whoever dies invested with this Scapular shall be preserved from the eternal flames. It is a sign of salvation, a sure safeguard in danger, a pledge of peace, and of my special protection until the end of the ages.”

Three Catholic school students shared why they wear the Brown Scapular. Please consider sharing this with all of your families.

High School student Zoe wrote:

“Our Lady gave us her Brown Scapular as a sign of her protection. And if we wear it, it is like a small way of saying ‘I love you’ and ‘thank you’ back to her.Much like the Rosary, the Scapular is one of Our Lady’s powerful weapons that protects us from spiritual and even physical danger. There are countless stories about how the Scapular saved souls from the fires of hell, kept a dying man alive until the priest came to give him the last rites, and even made a violent storm on the sea become calm.But like many miracles, it takes faith for those things to happen. Those people were faithful to Our Lady by trusting her word and wearing her powerful Scapular, and she remained faithful to her children by her protection.For me, I think the scapular is like Our Lady personally putting her robe over me like a big holy hug. And when I’m in her arms, there’s nothing to fear. I can have full confidence that Our Lady is watching over me and guiding me every day. And it is also a good reminder for me to think about Our Lady anytime I see it. I would never want to spend a single day not wearing Our Lady’s Brown Scapular over me.”Lou Judd / Virtue=Strength

High School student Dylan wrote:

“I wear a scapular mostly because it acts as a reminder to say a quick prayer. My parents have always taught me and my siblings to have a strong devotion to Mary. They have always provided us with scapulars, which have made it easy to always wear one.Another reason why I wear a scapular is because I remember seeing the big high school football players wearing them and it really made me look up to them. I want to do the same and be a role model for younger children.My Grandma and Grandpa also taught me the promise of the scapular, which is ‘those who wear the scapular will be saved from the fires of hell and she will also shorten their stay in purgatory.’For these reasons and many more, that is why I choose to wear a scapular.”Lou Judd / Virtue=Strength

Max also wrote:

“When I wear the Scapular, it feels like the Blessed Virgin Mary is near me.The Scapular is a weapon against the devil. When I wear it, I know that our Blessed Mother will protect me from dangers of all kinds, and the fires of hell.I know that Mama Mary loves me and wants me to be in Heaven with her and Jesus forever. I want to wear my Scapular out of love for my Heavenly Mother.”Lou Judd / Virtue=Strength

Throughout the month of October, consider teaching others about the Brown Scapular and ask your parish priest or chaplain to invest time teaching students and their parents about the Scapular before school or after Mass.

We can use this experience to practice the virtue of hope–the hope of going to Heaven and spending all of eternity with God in paradise.

Below are some resources to learn more about the Brown Scapular:

Here is a Brown Scapular explanation and the enrollment prayers.

Father Mark Goring explains the Brown Scapular promise below:

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us!

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