Becoming "Cabrini": Film Actress Says She Opened Her Heart to Portray the Catholic Saint

What was it like becoming Saint Francis Xavier Cabrini in the new film, “Cabrini“?

In an exclusive interview with ChurchPOP, Italian actress Cristiana Dell’Anna joins editor Jacqueline Burkepile to discuss how she opened her heart to become Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini in the new Angels Studios’ film, “Cabrini.”

Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini was the first canonized saint from the United States. As a Catholic sister, she immigrated from Italy and founded almost 70 institutions worldwide. These facilities included orphanages, hospitals, and schools for the poor, abandoned, and marginalized.

“Cabrini,” tells a powerful, action-packed story about Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini (portrayed by Dell’Anna) who heroically fought for human dignity for countless lives. Her mission continues today throughout the world.

“It’s always a different process each time,” Dell’Anna said of preparing for the role of Saint Frances Cabrini. “In her case…eventually, I understood I had to let her come to me.”

The actress says she had to understand Cabrini’s heart to play her. She explains that the more she researched, the more impressed she became.

“I found out what a wonderful woman she was and how she was strong-willed in ways that we have forgotten how to be so. To have such power. It’s something that occurs when you strongly believe in something and she did,” Dell’Anna says.

“It’s one of the reasons among the many others why I wanted to play her. She did set an example. She represents all the good things that we nowadays need the most.”

Dell’Anna then elaborates on why she took this role, how she prepared for it, and how the Catholic saint inspires her and her role in the film. She also reveals an unforgettable experience during production, and what she hopes the audience will take from the film.

Watch the full interview below:

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Cabrini” hits theaters on March 8, 2024. Click here for showtimes.

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